Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Life A Computer?

What if Life is a computer? 

Now I'm not talking about God or religious beliefs. Because I believe we have Free Will and however we believe that is God-given, is personal for most of us.

So I reiterate again, is Life a computer?

Well let's just say for now it is.

Like, you have your own PC - Personal Computer. You do your best to keep Malware (bad programs that you may download not knowing it is written to:

  • fry your computer
  • upload all your personal data
  • install a tracking program (I don't mean cookies that amazon or Fry's leaves)
  • fry your computer - I mention it again, a worst case scenario

You program your computer to the best of your ability right? Or you buy protection software to keep your proprietary software safe.

 Garbage In Garbage Out

We all know the phrase "garbage in garbage out". How do you keep out Life's garbage? And what if you haven't for the last (fill in the blank) decade(s)?

What if you upload the programming to Life, your PC, and then Life downloads events that match what you uploaded it? 

With your thoughts?

And what if you have no memory of the types of thoughts you're uploading?

And what Does Brad Yates or EFT Tapping have to do with any of this?


You can reverse the subconscious and constant upload you're giving Your Personal Computer.

If any of this post makes sense to you I hope you'll take advantage of the ebook "MoneyBeyond Belief". It's about Life as a Computer -- as opposed to just getting more money.

Because money is just one reflection of our energy. It's darned important - it relates to our hopes, dreams, expectations and eventual results in our lives.

Click here and get  "Money Beyond Belief" and see if you can restart your computer? Your Life that is a computer.

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