Monday, August 20, 2007

Be Solution Oriented With The Law of Attraction

The intention of education in our culture is to learn to be solution oriented. yet this puts our focus on problems. So how do you turn on your Success Switch?

 Why do I say that? Well look around and what do I see?

Millions of internet searches a day for anything related to riches, inner peace, and The Law of Attraction. Best-sellers related to a zillion aspects of fullfillment.

Well, any tv ad will tell you what you lack, right now. It is a form of hypnosis.

Aside from that, if we have attracted what we got, and it isn't what we want.....we all know now, we have to change our focus.

So it seems like we have done the opposite for a long time - did we become problem focused so we could excel in solving problems? We didn't separate the academic side of this with the "real life" version. We were rewarded in many ways for being problem solvers. That kind of includes perpetuating problems. We did the opposite of what we needed to do to fulfill our dreams.

Not everyone, of course. But there are those million searches, million best-sellers. To get our solution-focus from someone else.

We don't need to be perfect. We just need to be solution oriented, appreciate ourselves for doing so, and so engage with the Law of Attraction as much as we can.

All the best!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7 Highly Effective Habits for Stress Releasing

Updated June 2016

7 highly effective habits of stress releasing are outlined below. You as an individual can consider them and customize them to your own daily regimens.

If your goal is to improve your career, succeed at putting money in the bank, feel happier, and effectively use The Law of Attraction, this article may help you organize yourself and become more efficient emotionally and mentally.

These 7 effective habits will attract the life you want, by you having your mind power work FOR you instead of against you.

The Money Beyond Belief   Brad Yates tapping materials really cut to the chase. Stated simply, you have two feelings - you may feel good and you may feel bad. There many feelings in between good and bad, or happy and sad.

So let's get to work getting rid of those negative emotions and moving ypou on over to the positive ones!

Dr. Joseph Mercola validates Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, and cites studies:

"There are a number of recent studies that show positive effects of EFT in depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and food cravings." -
Serina Deen, M.D., MPH Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco authored by San Diego Therapist Susannah Muller reveals even more information confirming the therapeutic use of the tapping method.

 Sad or uplifted - 2 different vibrations, each attracting more of the same. If you have stressful thoughts that cascade like a runaway train, you need a method to switch tracks.

Number 1: Learn the simple EFT tapping pattern around your face and upper body. The sooner you employ this, the less stress chemicals will be flooding your bloodstream and brain, and the faster you'll recover your good feelings.

Number 2: Make a list in a journal or on your electronic device of the feelings, triggers, moods, and habits you would like to change,particularly in relation to money. Note also that issues about money are related to:

  • Your general feeling of well being, or lack of
  • Your level of pessimism vs optimism
  • Your physical energy
  • Your sex drive
  • How well you sleep vs insomnia
  • How well you adapt to change or new challenges
You will re-program your mind set as I explain more in "Is Life Is A Computer?"

Number 3: Write the primary feeling that you are aware of that spoils your optimism, onto an index card so you can carry it with you.
Number 4: Get a plan for first thing in the morning. You can decide exactly when you will tap after you get up. Or, before you get up. 

This tapping technique is more than a focusing tool to get your mind off your early stressful thoughts. The practice of EFT gradually affects your nervous system and your responses to life events. Tap for a few minutes every morning, to make it a habit.

Number 5: Develop the scenario of your desired outcome in life. Be it home, partner, finances, get the overall picture and express it to yourself, emphasizing how it feels deep inside.

Maybe at first you'll be just imagining that, or feel like you're faking it. Don't worry, and don't force it. Just note to yourself that it's a good feeling to have.

 Image from Pixabay.

You may be surprised to feel a surge of good feelings out of the blue once you start tapping regularly. Your cup is filling up...

Number 6:  Find one or two times during the day when you can repeat your tapping routine. Even if a wash room stall is the only place you have, take advantage of a minute or two for a tap.

Number 7: Journaling is a great way to reinforce your progress. Even sparse notes are valuable, when you look back a year later and realize "wow - that's so ancient history!"

Number 7A: I'm just going to sneak this in here. Exercise! We are made to move and stress ourselves a little physically, every day.

You know you can't park your car for a few months without something needing a tune up. What about your body?

If you have physical problems, consult your doctor. If you're out of shape start with something gentle that you enjoy. Begin with a little of whatever makes you feel good - walking, yoga, weight resistance.

Biochemically, exercise is necessary to release endorphins, your feel-good chemicals. Not to mention the cascade of other healthy cellular events exercise triggers.

Money Beyond Belief training offers a unique streamlined approach. It has been popular for years and I continue to recommend it. Don't wait to check it out!