Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Points

Learn the healing power of the mind the best way!

 Learning the emotional freedom technique tapping points is easy.

Can you maintain positive emotions at the end of a day when so many things went wrong?

  • disappointments
  • disagreements
  • fatigue
  • stress and anxiety
  • negative emotions in others
  • the bad economy

All these elements can certainly ruin your day. Take a deep breath and start remembering the good moments.

Positive emotions are the signals from you that attract similar circumstances back into your life. Some days are certainly more challenging than others when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook.

Considering that billions of others are also struggling to maintain a good life on the same competitive turf that you are, it might seem that conflicts and frustrations are inevitable.

The good news is, that this factor is an illusion. Creating good in your life does not rob anyone else, or vice-versa.

When you look back on your day and it feels like it an obstacle course, here is something easy to do about it. It only takes a few minutes, so do it right away when you get home. You'll have better digestion afterwards and probably sleep better too.

Just sit down and remember something wonderful. Or recapture the feeling of something that caused you to feel fulfilled to any degree, while you are taking a walk, or cooking dinner.

Recall a good memory. Simple as that.

Visit it until you feel the wonderful feeling you had. Recapture the feelings in it, hear some of its sounds, or visualize it.

Think of breathing that memory into your body cells and let your muscles relax. Soak it in like warm sunlight.

Easier said than done?

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Youtube - Brad Yates explains eft tapping.