Sunday, March 18, 2007

Is Affilliate Marketing A Career Builder For You?

As an affiliate marketer looking for a career builder, there is an overwhelming plethora of data.
Holly Mann's "Honest Riches" about affiliate marketing gives the best step-by-step instruction I've found yet. There are many MANY ebooks available, affordable, and useful out there, but everyone who can do cannot necessarily teach. Holly Mann can teach. As I have taught, myself, for over 20 years, I know that explaining the basics of a procedure can be painstaking. Knowing WHAT you did to get to step "whatever" is not an analytical process for many. I would have to say because Holly is so young, she's a natural, and she does not waste a minute of your time. No filler folks! And there are others too - hit the search engines and get ready for the deluge!

The "niche" product, the search engines - the affiliate marketer - go to your on line dictionary to get a real sense of the language that is new to you and THEN go back to what YOU are really interested in. What would your personal product be if you could snap your fingers and have it there, digitally ready to go? An ebook on music lyrics? An online dictionary on fly-fishing or ballet shoes? Car racing? What do you think about when you are day-dreaming? (Professionally speaking!) And could this interest/passion of yours put money in the bank?

Well, if your personal heart-felt energy is behind the subject, I'd say check it out! I'm not going to repeat what the gurus have written about internet marketing, but take the advice that is readily given, learn how to do a key word search relating to your chosen product and then take the path of least resistance.

Write an article about your beloved subject and submit it to a few on line ezines. (Holly even tells you the best ones). You can start with the one you're reading right now!

If you do decide that internet marketing can be a career builder for you, you will want to get used to writing about your topic. Just talk to people. You do not want to be academic about 'it' anyway, but personable and approachable. Just start communicating. No matter how learned and how expert you get it is YOUR VOICE and your enthusiasm that will sell your product, or someone else's product (assuming you do learn some basic internet marketing techniques).

So while you have a day job (or parental support) start exploring, get some professional info, and start talking to people, that is, writing articles on your favorite topic. Get those fingers tap dancing on the keys. If you are reading this, you are probably going to enjoy the process as much as the results.

It's the journey that counts. I didn't say that and I don't remember who did. But I think it is true.

Holly Mann is one of the most trusted voices in internet marketing. Get your copy of "Honest Riches" for your career builder.