Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Inner Self Knows How To Attract Money

It is discouraging if you have been applying the Law of Attraction for a year or two, and despite other successes, you fail to attract money. If you accept or are willing to consider that the Higher Self knows the secrets to attracting money, then you need to have a plan to access a metaphysical or spiritual realm in order to make contact, or get power from your Higher Self.

Many publishers of Law of Attraction courses claim to have the "one secret" of how to make it truly work. A missing ingredient that they, only, have, is always a good hook.

The essence of attracting seems to be an elusive quality of - something - that we don't have, or don't know about. Hmmmm.

I don't believe that there is another secret that we are not privy to. I do believe that there are many Law of Attraction courses available that are most likely all good. I haven't seen all of them, but the reason why I think they are all helpful, is because they all get you to focus on what you want. Then they guide you to keep deliberately creating by certain affirmations or habits.

It makes sense that if you get what you focus on, focus on what you want. This looks like simple behavior modification. You keep your attention returning to what you want and you are going to feel good.

The realities for most of us is that we need a lifestyle change to trigger personal growth. We need a plan! We need some time every day to devote to this.

Meditation can help with contacting our Inner Self, or Higher Self. I believe that our everyday self is quite adequate to propel us into manifesting abundance and other wonderful aspects of life. Calling ourselves something motivational is okay, although it is the Same Ol' Self that we bring to a manifesting course or a manifesting process. We are good enough. Don't be intimidated bu these terms.

Accessing a different ability to remain in a positive thinking mode is a realistic goal. This can be so amazing when it happens that we do feel like a different self. Conscious creation can improve healthy living, self-appreciation, and a feeling of gratitude. The vibration of attracting money can then be set into motion.

If you feel like you fail to attract money, invest in a program so you know HOW TO ATTRACT MONEY.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Spiritual Nature of Prosperity and Abundance

So what does manifesting wealth mean? If The Law of Attraction is truly a Law, and we don't have what we want, how can we be so inside-out, upside down and opposite to our true self?

You know something has to change. Deliberate creation has been described as 'decide what you really want, think about it until you can feel what it's like to have it now, in the present, and as a result, vibrate with the feeling of having it'. Sounds simple.
Practising this twice a day could take up to five to fifteen minutes, let's say. That leaves almost all the time you usually have to do everything else. But during that majority of your time, do you have to think about the spiritual moments of deliberate creation? Do you retain the vibration you created, throughout a difficult work day? Probably not.

Success Switch may have the answer of what would ultimately work for you. There are many versions of manifesting courses available. Some say they are all self-hypnosis, or just tricking yourself into feeling a more positive vibration. Honestly, who cares. We are bombarded with hypnotism all day long. It's called advertising. It's on the radio, on the bus, in the subway, on the sidebars of your web pages. Your own chosen hypnosis has to be better!

Prosperity and abundance created with the Law of Attraction may be a science. It may be of a spiritual nature. If it in any way calls to you, and your imagination needs a boost, try this manifesting course.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Positive Thinking Success - Make Life Better

The Law of Attraction works for us if we know how to give up resistance (negative emotions) and focus on positive emotions. One of the human factors that makes this difficult is that the emotional bottom line perpetuated in our society is we are never good enough, everything is our fault, and only perfectionism is tolerated. If this were not true, we wouldn't have therapists, depression, cults, or even religions. We would love ourselves as God does.

By design, society is competitive. Only one person can get first prize. But that only matters if you compete in that particular way.

If your goal is to feel good, feel genuine self love and a deep love, concern and compassion for other beings, and have that acceptance mirrored by all the goodness that shows up in your life, then there is no competition to lose. You can get out of the adrenaline driven psychology of success and actually succeed.

What is the path of least resistance? How do you escape the embedded patterns that have become normal? How do you float downstream peacefully when someone else is running a whirlpool machine nearby? Or a whole country or the whole world is creating emotional/economic/physical disasters every day?

You can start recognizing a little bit less resistance, more acceptance. For one thing, acceptance means that you acknowledge a situation. Now you can change it. You can change your life direction this way.

What is, is. If you find yourself in turmoil the most important thing is to dissolve the turmoil before you jump into action. Deep breathing, good water, and look at beauty. Go outside if you have a garden, or look outside at some greenery if that is what you can do. Allowing overwhelm to fade allows you to think more clearly. This will assist your active use of The Law of Attraction. Now you can start imagining what you want to be your next outcome, focus your intention, and enjoy your idea.

Savoring, simmering your idea strengthens your vibration of attraction. Now you are on your way because now the universe is responding to your uplifted feeling. The universe is always responding to you. While you watch the stock news, the flood news, the insurance advertisements. Got that remote?

We are brought up to doing something about it NOW! Grab the bull by the horns and get going. Sweat out a plan!

How does that feel? What is the vibration in that attitude? You see where you can slow down a bit, and get into the feeling that you want to deliberately create to be a result of your life actions, even if you do not know the details.

Negative emotions are temporarily motivating. You can instantly identify that this is not how you want life to feel, and take your first deep breath. Knowing that you have The Law of Attraction in constant creation, just say loudly to yourself, "I'm changing this now". If someone is backing you into a corner and yelling what they're saying probably is not important, but keep breathing and keep changing your turmoil that way. When they are done, ask politely "could you please put that in a memo?".

Positive emotions are your key to a deliberately created life! By design of culture, the human factors and current psychology dictates complexity, and tangling with analysis. You may as well fall down a rabbit hole.

The path of least resistance is to be like a little child. Imagine, and FEEL how it could be, to make life better.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Completely Disillusioned - Get Your Edge Back

If you feel like you have lost your edge on the art of deliberate creation, your act of power is to turn away from financial disasters. Get grounded again and recover the vibration, the feeling, the essence of YOU creating a miracle now.

Believe in yourself as your own miracle coach. First of all, small steps.

Exclude the world as much as you reasonably should. Without abandoning obligations cut down on the news and disaster event reporting. Focus on the grounding activities in your life that you have control over.

*** What you eat
*** What you drink
*** What you do for the close people in your life, small things
***What you say
*** Be reliable
***Help others

In an emergency situation like global financial collapse, it's okay to start with the outer if your inner world is just too shaky. Talk positive, and the responses you get from others who are groping for productive thoughts will reinforce your own. Gently guide those around you to thinking more creatively- just a little, not requiring ludicrous leaps of faith. That could keep you so busy that your attention cannot flip back to the "this is so hopeless" kind of mentality.

If you think it is no big thing to have your attention on positive thoughts for three minutes, search "the battle for your mind" and read the results. It's astounding. Your precious mind is being grabbed, hooked, hijacked all the time. It is only YOUR mind if you direct it.

The melodrama of the daily events, as interpreted by attention stealing private interests, in the best of times, is there to distract you from YOU. You who can create a miracle now, with your thoughts and feelings, are being distracted all the time. Who benefits?

You have a self help coach now. You. You have done it before and now you are going to get grounded again, with deep breathing, perhaps meditation, reading your child a story, massaging your partner's back, trimming the roses, taking a walk.

Your mind is your domain. It is your workshop, your miracle place. Because in my opinion, every moment that you govern your own mind IS a miracle. The competition is intense - TV, advertising, etc.

You can makes choices about where you will put your attention most of the time, how you will influence the attention of those around you, and how you will help your partner, children, elders, and neighbors feel better at every given opportunity.

Since you have the Law of Attraction to work with, start wherever you can start. If you cannot make your self feel better right now, make someone else feel better. It's amazing how great someone else's gratitude can make you feel when your own is a little out of reach.

Be your own miracle consultant. The Success Switch can show you how.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How To Avoid Losing A Positive Attitude

It's understandable that your goals for focusing on a healthy motivation for staying positive nowadays may only trigger a feelings of anxiety and helplessness. If your conscious attitude for staying in tune with your visions of success is not working so well, or maybe you are fearing failure, try some easy mind reprogramming.

Understanding that you get what you think about can be scary. While watching a stock report on television, how can you be focusing on your goals for success? It only takes a few minutes of viewing all the disasters in the world before you start feeling anxiety and helplessness. Stop!

One way you can improve the situation faster is to focus on today. Only today. Whether you are reading this at 11:55 pm or 6:00 am, start right now.

Deliberate creation always starts right now. There is no other moment.

Take a long deep breath. Focus on your conscious attitude. However you phrase it to yourself. Go with the flow, paddle downstream, don't push the river, there are many famous slogans you might like. Or something more personalized, scripture based, whatever has been working for you.

What are some daily successes you may experience that you do not really acknowledge?

*** I actually felt relaxed for a few minutes.
*** I really enjoyed that quiet dinner with ____.
*** I love playing the goof with my 4 year old.
*** I escaped listening to my favorite music - whew.
*** The common household tasks created a little harmony and satisfaction for me.

Sometimes experiences like the above list create guilt. Like it's cheating to feel good when the state of the world is Quantum Catastrophe, a horror movie scenario. Guilt! What a concept! Shake it off and move on.

Your time and place of personal power is only ever right here right now. This is when you manifest a miracle. If you're thinking about creating a miracle you're not thinking about the black hole of corrupt banking policies or one man's Ponzi scheme. You are deliberately making good choices right now.

You have miraculous moments every day. Maybe they are too fleeting, so reflect on them. When you have a five minute break, go over the last two hours. What were the best moments? Pick one and savor it a little.

Think about this factor - the professional media environment knows how to get your attention (usually through inspiring fear or terror). How do YOU get your attention back? You MUST have a plan.

Avoid losing the positive attitude you've probably worked long and hard for. Staying positive and enjoying your attitude of healthy motivation, successes and goals, takes moments a day.

Turn on your Success Switch right now!