Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Transformation of Your Life

The Transformation of Your Life Into A Dream Vacation - In Vibration

How do you switch on your highest vibration?

With Brad Yates EFT Tapping!

The Emotional Freedom Technique tapping routine is easy to learn. Tapping on sensitive points on your face, neck and upper body is similar to Acupressure, or Trigger Points.

It is easy to learn, and easy to use focusing on your emotional vibration on the subject of money.

Can you remember a time when you were a child and your family was preparing for a vacation? Can you recall the excitement, the feeling of expectation of the fun and adventure you were going to enjoy? Buying your airline tickets, or shopping for camping equipment - whatever your vacation was, maybe getting out the fishing poles?

The details do not really matter when you are a child. But, those little details are all exciting when you are in a vibration of anticipation. The boredom of summer vacation from school, or winter vacation days when you are stuck inside during bad weather, goes through a complete transformation as you prepare for a vacation.

When you are using The Law of Attraction to change your life direction, and change your spiritual direction, the vibration that you want to get is that of a child preparing for their vacation. What could be more exciting? You are already experiencing the fulfilment of the outcome, it is all planned and it is happening!

When in our adult lives do we even allow ourselves to feel that much? Rarely. Adult behavior usually does not approve of it, and the degree of bad feelings that occur as we grow up have to be repressed somewhat, they are just too overwhelming.

So we cut back on feeling altogether, as we take on the responsibility of work, training, and so on. Life gets serious!


  • The kind of outcome you wan, 
  • Reading about it
  • Looking at others' examples of the type of success you desire
  • Making your images more specific to you

is something you can do every day.

If you want to travel, subscribe to a travel magazine.

Match your desired transformation with something you can engage with every day.

 Put up posters at home and carry little pictures with you. Keep that excitement bubbling.

When You Feel Bad

Make a routine to return to your anticipation of your new life direction, when something undesired happens, or you witness something that feels bad. After the event has abated, return to your attraction activity for a few moments. Replace your everyday vibration with your fulfilment joy.

The reason why I encourage you to recall that childhood wonderment, is because then, you KNEW it was going to happen. Plans were made, the organization went forward, and you revelled in it. That certainty often does not accompany our adult plans for life, unless we are exceptionally confidant.

Create it new, every day, now. Use some meditation or quiet moments to clear the slate of your mental activity, and conjure it up. You are the producer, writer and director. And the whole cast.

And get support from Brad Yates EF Tapping.

The rest of your life can be like your dream vacation, in vibration. Creating your reality can be part of your daily routine, bringing a transformation to your life now, every day.

You are using The Law of Attraction every second, with every breath of your life. Focus your intention, in joy, and live YOUR life.
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Suzie Cheel said...

what a wonderful analogy. I immediately remembered getting ready both for holidays and a weekly weekend picnic to a treasured river spot.

Thank you


be Abundant

Gail Bernstein said...

What a wonderful way to live, in Vibration. I have tried it...I like it and will live it everyday.

Thank You Dianne!!!!
Gail Bernstein