Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Money Beyond Belief and Changing Negative Attitudes

Easier said than done, but still easy to do. That's the good news.

And there is no bad news!

Most spirituality information written in the past twenty years or so includes the ideas related to prosperity, which includes but is not exclusive to getting money in the bank.

The real idea of creating your own reality (income, spiritual frame of mind, social status etc.,) started thousands of years ago but came to the west and was published by the early Science of Mind writers. It culminated with Ernest Holmes' "Science of Mind". Thoughts are things and much, much more.

Whatever you are working on as a career builder, rather than just a job, be it internet marketing or something else related to home business, you may want to do more and faster. The pace of the world right now is mind-boggling.

"Money Beyond Belief" by Brad Yates, provides an easy, quick-to-learn, method of changing negative attitudes. While money is a great eye-catcher in a product title, he tells you that this is spirituality information. Is it abstract, way out there? No, it is as close as your hand held in front of you. Actually, It IS you.

This is a physical universe, right here, right now, energy process that will change your negative patterns. If you have any, regarding money. My guess is that if you have all the money and resulting lifestyle that you want, you are not reading this article right now. You are doing everything on your latest Wish List.

But since you are reading this, I wish to explain that (whisper) THERE IS A SHORTCUT and it (loud emphasis) is real.

I truly wish all of you success beyond your imagination. And sooner than later.

I have used this technique to contribute to the change in the 'negative pattern of our race consciousness'. Why not? I'll try anything, and I'll bet you will too.

My dream of having money is to put myself in the position I want to be so that I have a ****-load left over for philanthropy. I am truly grateful for my son, my family, my friends, my wonderful employers, my internet colleagues, and the great things in my culture, and I wish such comfort on all humans.

I hope you read my last blog entry "FREE Tip on Using The Law of Attraction" because, it's a free tip, it's not fluff, it's useful, and because the rest of the world needs US to be who we want to be. Because that is what is we are putting into the pattern of our race consciousness. Ourselves.

We all have moments we're not proud of, but the best thing we can do is use a good energy process to quickly get over ourselves. That's why I recommend "Money Beyond Belief". It's not really about money, but spirituality information.

Money is a reflection of us. It is not everything, but it is one of the reflections in The House of Mirrors that we live in here on Planet Earth. So to enforce our career builder efforts, our getting money in the bank, and the celebration of spirituality information, let's get to changing negative attitudes the easy way.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Money Beyond Belief - the Actual Outcome You Seek

I have a wonderful friend who has been practising the Law of Attraction for years, as that is not a new concept to anyone who has studied Science of Mind ( teaching the Law of Attraction since the late 19th C) , attended Bashar channelings, or the Abraham-Hicks materials. And many, many more teachers, channelers et al.

My friend Jeanne Hodges always reminds me "focus on the qualities you want in your life, the feeling of the outcome". She explains that the physical things we wish for may come with baggage and conditions, unbeknownst to us. However, the qualities we wish to experience and see in our daily life, will simply manifest with the correct accompanying physical conditions.

Money in the bank is a wonderful thing. May we all have it! To expedite our career builder projects, and to correctly use the Law of Attraction, we only need a few minutes a day.

Meditation, deep breathing, a brief sitting at the window to get a little more space, are ways to capture a few moments of peace and remember what we really want. Our state of mind is the basis of the quality of daily life .

A tool to clear our energies is given in Brad Yates' "Money Beyond Belief". It is based on traditional body wisdom and is useful when you are experiencing any negative feeling that is hanging around and getting in the way of your well-being or slowing down your daily production.

It is easy to learn and use. If you are fitting in the study of internet marketing after your job, (and laundry, bed-time stories, and more!) a stay-at-home parent, or a student wanting to earn while you get through school, "Money Beyond Belief" is an inexpensive time saver and a tool you will use all your life.

The focus of "Money Beyond Belief" as an energy tool really isn't money. It is about achieving the quality of daily life in all the aspects you wish to incorporate. It aids the use of the Law of Attraction because it saves you time and dispenses with unnecessary analysis.

Get clear on the feeling of your optimum existence. Feel it now. And now. And now. AAHhh...

Being spirits in a material world, yes, we need money. "Money Beyond Belief" will help you get all that you want, for very little money.

To find out more go here.

Best wishes for all your hopes and dreams.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tapping Into a Positive-Beyond-Belief Attitude Every Day

Our point of power is in this moment. There is no other moment. Do you feel GREAT right now? Are you in an enthusiastic energy state, ready to 'just do it!'?

If not, if you are looking at a long to-do list, feeling grouchy about yesterday, worried about putting money in the bank, or getting discouraged with internet marketing, how many 'nows' are you going to need to turn that around?

That is, if you are going to turn it around. Without a lengthy course of psychotherapy, nutritional analysis, new vitamin program, or new fitness routine, how will you change that energy?

By the way, I heartily recommend fitness, nutritional analysis and good whole food supplements, but what are you going to do in the next couple of minutes to relieve anything less than a state of go-get-'em enthusiasm?

The brain/nervous system is a wonderful thing. The experts tell us "we don't know everything about how it works yet". And you and I probably know a nano-percentage of what they know.

However, there is one ancient tradition in the world that has led to some of the more exciting developments in western 'alternative' medicine.


You may picture a person laying on a table looking like a porcupine - needles sticking up in various spots, and if you haven't done this yourself, that may not seem like something you want to do. But let's move away from that, and think about the placement of those needles.

Those exact and tiny spots on the body are portals into our nervous system. Imagine an urban railway yard with hundreds of criss-crossing tracks, and constant movement.

The complex switching system keeps the yard alive and productive, getting the right railway cars separated here, joined there, and moved in and out of the place without any stuck movement or pile-ups.

That's a rustic analogy, but to keep it simple, our nervous system has its tracks and switches too.

Moods, emotions, and resultant physical conditions are all controlled by the switchers. Nutrients, water, chemicals, electromagnetic radiations, drugs, are all switchers.

You can feel good, you can feel bad. Emotions and physical conditions then become switchers themselves, modifying, making your state of being better, or worse.

But wait a minute! Where is the main switch box? Is it your brain? Your liver? They may play the biggest parts, but the main switcher is YOU.

Your consciousness, your awareness, the You that is conscious of your consciousness
and your awareness.

In "Money Beyond Belief" Brad Yates talks about tapping on points on the body to reverse a negative condition in the nervous system. It is just SO EASY.

It puts you back in the control tower! It changes what you are vibrating and transmitting to the universe, and what you are attracting.

In the time you took to read this article, you can tap into a wealth of goodness, of energy, of positive flow, any time. You can change your life every time you don't feel good, as you so wish, and use the law of attraction from an inspired and happy state of mind.

I think we should have FUN working on our internet marketing endeavors, our home businesses and our personal lives. In fact, "working on" becomes play when we are happy!

Tap into the Present, Now, and get into the stream of YOUR LIFE, with simplicity and ease. Cheers.