Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Ironic Poetry of 'It's A Deal or No Deal'

I'm not talking about used cars, or cars here, or the poetry of the Bentley or little Zip car.

I'm talking about how the universe makes a deal, or no deal.

Whichever way, the universe always says yes!

Just as the search engines use key words and phrases to MANIFEST, MATERIALIZE, and have your site (thoughts, contents, ideas, creations, your ESSENCE) SHOW UP, so does your intention, your creation machine, use the main words (ideas, frequencies) you are thinking or being, to search and place your reality into material form.

You place a thought, block of thought, concept, desire, worry, concern, dread, or terror into the empty field of mind, it's like typing your search words into the search engine search box. You hit 'enter' and that word or phrase is launched.

The universal units of motion crawl the holographic ALL THAT IS for matching energies, and during whatever time it takes, indexes and cross-indexes, and mixes and matches, and Lo!

A unit of your reality appears, your search result shows up.

It is a 'deal' or a 'no deal' according to whether you like this result or not. If you're on search engines, and you don't get what you want, you type in a variation of your phrase, a little more specific, getting the exact dictionary meaning in the words you use, and you try again.

All in a half a minute..... and you get a different result, or somewhat different.

But in your own creation machine, eyewwwww...what if you don't like what you get? What if some imagined worst case scenario manifests in real time and space and you spend a few days emotionally reacting, commiserating, blaming, wringing hands or "out damn spot' -ing. I've done it, you've done it! Well, there goes a few precious days between your first breath and your last! Oh woe, let's not think about that......

Is this one of those existential bad jokes? Is your life a mockery? Oy!

No, you have just proven that you have personal power and that you have a creation machine that does not miss the mark!

If you want to do that metaphysical search again, sit back and breathe for a few minutes. What do you really want? Why do business trainers, managers, spiritual gurus and reality kings tell you to make a wish list, set your goals, post stickies all over the place with your favorite inspirational quotes and treasured poetry?

It's to make your metaphysical search engine words and phrases more specific, to help you find what you want, not what you sorta want, or don't want.

Emotions are very hypnotic. I mean the hand-wringing ones. We all have them, and television and movie dramas are there to give you all the support you could ever imagine, and more.

One thing I especially like about Paul Scheele's meditations is that they take you way back from all of that, whether it's the Photo Reading topic or the Genius Code, or whatever. It's like a trip to the country, aahhh. Then there is the film "The Secret" which, after attentive viewing, is the best background noise you could have while chopping wood and carrying water. Play it for a month. As opposed to the news or some other distressing noise.

So to recap, give careful notice to what you are entering into the universal search field. Just mentally type in what you want, every morning as you are waking up. The search engines are vibrating and humming to YOUR tune, so get those happy music lyrics out, along with some inspirational quotes and poetry, add water, and stir!

Friday, February 16, 2007

WYSIWYG - What You SAY Is What You Get

WYSIWYG is a very familiar acronym in the internet world. It's the drag and drop method of creating things, and all that that entails.

The Universe has the same service, at your beck and call. Your favorite expressions, your instant response phrases, your favorite music lyrics that you sing absentmindedly, all drag forth ethereal responses and probable realities, and drop the most likely version into your life.

Floyd Holdman of Tahitian Noni International has a motivational lecture called "Speak and Grow Rich". It has several aspects to it, but emphasizes that the words we choose create our future.

Napoloean Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich", one of the most famous motivational books ever written.

Currently there is an abundance of works such as the Abraham-Hicks material, Bashar channelings, Bruce Lipton's "The Biology of Belief", and Paul Scheele's of Learning Strategies' The Genius Code course, just to name a few, whose premise is to back peddle from thinking to consult the frequency you are vibrating and emanating into the oceanic field of creation. Your frequency will attract a like-frequency-manifestation into your life. So what you believe, you vibrate, you think, you say and YOU GET.

And it requires no particular articulation, it is what you are being, you are transmitting like a radio tower. It's going OUT THERE. So it seems.

Whether you are the worst case scenario type or an optimistic person, you can improve on what you are vibrating/thinking/speaking, by selecting whatever is the next tolerable, or almost realistic, idea of goodness, achievement, peace, your preference for improvement in your life. You may be able to make a huge leap into a vision of a whole new wonderful world. Or, you may be able to imagine only so far as 'things aren't quite so bad.' That's great, you made a move, you changed a little. Keep at it.

A few years ago my son did volunteer service -it was mandatory - at school, and he worked at an animal shelter called The Gentle Barn. A cow named Buddha was the intake counsellor for rescued animals. They arrived at the shelter overwhelmed, often not eating or sleeping well, certainly not playing. Buddha would sleep in the yard right next to the frightened newcomers, and over a few days the the animals typically recovered enough of their emotional balance to function again, even interacting with humans. Buddha was not trained to do this, she just did.

Somehow Buddha emanated to these animals "Everything is Okay." No words were exchanged, no subliminal phrases or positive affirmations were repeated. Pigs and turkeys alike were rehabilitated into enjoying a peaceful existence.

So if you are stressed and crazy, tearing your hair out at learning internet marketing strategies, DON'T HAVE A COW! Take a sleeping bag over to The Gentle Barn and have a slumber party with Buddha. Okay, so I'm kidding, but for all I know people do that.

And yeah, they will want you to shovel a little sh....doo-doo while you are there. The stuff of life.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Your Inner Music Lyrics Put Money in the Bank

Many of us are creating an internet marketing business from home while working other jobs, or caring for children at home, at the same time. What is the quickest way to put money in the bank, doing all of this, while increasing our sense of well-being, without burnout?

Self-perception probably dictates the inner music lyrics we sing to ourself all day long. Self-talk is a topic that comes up in manifesting success strategies, and the idea that what we see when we look at the world, and what of the world is coming our way, is a reflection of our self-perception.

IS your self-talk music to your ears? Because if it's not good news, you need to change stations. Do you ever catch yourself thinking “wow, how will ever I ever find the time to keep up with these internet marketing strategies?” The switch can be in small degrees to something like “Somehow I WILL find time to keep up with this 'money in the bank' endeavor! Somehow!”

Kind of an aside, but today I was reading on and there was an audio up of a “Lost” episode with reverse tracking and a voice was repeating “Only fools are enslaved in space and time”. Creepy woo-woo-woo ambiance. Unless you are reading this from somewhere in the Pleiades, you are indeed in space and time (rumors are that the Pleiadians are not) but you are not necessarily enslaved here and now.

For one thing, now goes on forever so..... okay that's too big a topic for this article, but consider the ways you can manipulate time and space. Starting with the physical universe.

Unfortunately manipulating space usually means cleaning up. Yup, organize that clutter. You might not be singing “On a clear day you can see forever” yet, but hopefully you can see the other side of your desk. You can study feng shui, hire a professional, or just clean up. If you hate filing but are afraid to throw that pile of papers out, here's an idea. Every month start a new file. Throw everything in it that you haven't read, or haven't made a decision on. At the end of six months, go through them, get rid of everything you can, and then put the remainder into one file. Of course the more info you can just save in computer files, the better. But you need to de-cludge those too.

Time can seem a little trickier. According to quantum physics, there is none. So you have as much as anybody else has. But being in the time continuum, 24/7, is useful, does put money in the bank, and almost everything about time has inspired music lyrics throughout the ages. Maybe second to moon phases.

Two big issues related to having enough time:
nutrition, so you sleep well, enjoy exercising, feel optimistic, and adapt to changes;

boundaries, so others let you have some time to yourself, i.e., actually BE UNAVAILABLE predictably and consistently, to EVERYONE! And that means without guilt.

I will stop there because those 2 issues could get me writing a book.

I don't want to write a book today. I want to have happy inner music lyrics playing, and do things that put money in the bank.

I have to go now, and I hope you have time for a quiet walk, or some meditation, or at least a drive to the market with your cell phone turned off. Listen to some fabulous music lyrics, or just whistle a happy tune.

I think this will help you get enough done, stay effective toward putting more money in the bank, talk nicely to yourself, and relax a little more.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Optimizing the Key Success Factors in Your Work From Home Business

How do you roll your ideas of your own tedium chores, career objectives, good documentation practices, goal setting, measurements of progress, ploughing through books on achieving success, and everything else you can think of in this long list of THINGS..............into an easily accessible image containing your desired outcome with all the sensory input that tells your brain it is HERE AND NOW, right now?

Tricking your brain with your own nutritional chemicals and neurotransmitters is an art, I have learned - it's more than eating well and thinking well.

Though, eating well is a sub-career in and of itself, requiring self-education, which I believe is better than any of the going degreed courses in diet and nutrition simply because the internet is better than out-of-date textbooks and highly prejudiced institutionalized data. With enough research and time you can get the data needed to sift through your own mis-education and prejudices and go forth and consume wisely.

Getting the correct amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and good quality water and air into your body is a great start. Theoretically, our 50 trillion or so genius cells with their information highways far surpassing any real or imagined internet should have us in physical and mental bliss, thinking, organizing, and DOING anything that needs to be done at optimum levels every day.

Theoretically. If no repairs are backlogged, in the body and mind.

The mind can disrupt, sabotage and destroy! Forget the organization, education, nutrition, daily planner, fantastic computer and best internet connection!

But, then, remember the power and the glory of your existence as you want it to be. If you're playing the Bad Movie in your head, physically stop and take 3 slow, deep breaths. I mean literally stop, pull over if you're driving. Take a moment. Because now you are going to the projection room and you are going to change reels. Right now.

If you are speeding toward the Last Exit to Disaster you are now changing lanes.

If you have a highly sensitive nervous system this is not always easy. Sometimes you have to call a friend and get talked into it. Thank heavens for good friends.

There are many ebooks to read on work at home business success, the key factors in internet marketing strategies, and the wonderful software that provides the short cuts so we can function in the hours we have every day to keep our machine in motion.

But how is the mind that is taking it all in? And what is that mind putting out?

How are you? Know what I mean?

There are many wonderful self-help guides to learn from. How to think positively, how to imagine your outcomes better, how to nourish your brain so you CAN, and all that. And last but not least, how to take the moments needed to register how you are. Right now.

I think that optimizing your vision, optimizing your stolen moments to check into the how I AM Right Now, which really is what is your default vibration, and what does it match in the holographic world without end that will then condense into the scenery on your stage?

Just like you search for keywords and carefully write your ads, articles and site contents, so you can advertise to the universe with consciously chosen signals.

It is all related and it is ALL YOU. So take lots of credit for coming this far.