Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let Your Manifesting Miracles Simmer in Delicious Anticipation

If you are practicing deliberate creation, you are reviewing all your lists, appreciation lists, gratitude lists, improvement lists, and so on. Right now especially, continue to let those reality creations simmer so you can keep up that delicious anticipation.

You are committed to change your life direction. You know that like attracts like and that The Law of Attraction always works, no matter what.

Getting pulled into the whirlpool of human drama - especially banking drama - and almost drowning, means you are now attracting outcomes that are not on any of your cherished lists.

Things change, and change again. The external world keeps shifting, like scenery rolling by. You can attract the scenery you want. Doing smart things with your money right now, being prudent about spending and budgeting well does not mean you have to vibrate any differently.

If the evening news gives you a nervous stomach, do not watch it. The fear-mongering attached to the global banking irresponsibility is as shameless as the financial practices that led to the credit freeze.

You are still on the part of the planet where the stomachs are half full, as opposed to the part where people would be celebrating if their stomachs were only half empty.

Get back to your Law of Attraction processes, meditations or other positive productive activities and keep simmering the delicious anticipation of your creativity.

Can't feel it right now?

Ask your kids what their dream vacation would be, and listen closely. Tune in to their reality creation. Enjoy it. Get them to write it down, or write it yourself, in a journal for them and tell them to put it in a special place.

Just say "W_A_L_K" in front of your dog and tune in to its delight.

Stay on track and you will continue to experience the miracles now, as you vibrate with them. To manifest a miracle is not out of your reach.

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