Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learn Positive Thinking Self Talk

The continuing phenomenon of successful vampire themes in books, television and films, is amazing. A lot of mind power goes into the vampires being "good guys" who don't bite humans.

Their psychic powers enable them to blend into society, manifest abundance and prosperity, and exert their mind control over innocent humanity.

Fascination of the super natural could probably be interpreted by psychologists as our own human feeling of helplessness before the tide of events in this world. We feel have no power over events or our own responses to them.

Yet you certainly can use subconcious mind reprogramming to choose your feelings.

Recently, I found myself driving behind an SUV which had a license plate "I MK BLEV".


There's a person using mind reprogramming!

Apparently the human mind is suggestible to an alarming degree. Altered states can be influenced by elevator music, white noise, running water noises, subliminal messages or frequencies designed to change our brain waves, and more.

Reprogram your own mind yourself

Use the Money Beyond Belief EFT Tapping to:

  • find your best positive self talk affirmations
  • learn vivid visualization
  • choose your feelings
  • break bad habits
  • understand SMR, subconcious mind reprogramming

It is never too late to start - you always have right now!

Learn Brad Yates EFT Tapping

Edited 06/24/2015

Positive Self Talk Handouts - Your Own!

Being aware of our thoughts and how they create our life - is part of recognizing our psychic powers. Learning how to write your own positive self talk handouts will change your life direction.

Yet, if you are a nervous person with lots of anxiety, how do you stay open to everything in order to be creative?

The topic of mind control can bring up both positive or negative emotions.

Advertising uses information about human psychology in order to get us to buy products. That is mind control, and we are bombarded all day long, if we listen to the media.

Trained sales people learn techniques to create rapport with us, which means sharing a mental atmosphere. This technique makes us feel comfortable with the sales person and more willing to buy.

These factors could make people feel paranoid about how they are influenced.

Develop your own positive self talk quotes. 

You can learn this, like you can learn anything else.

After all, if you can make your own positive self talk examples, you are in control and in charge. Good bye feeling suggestible at the hands of others.

Many people want to improve their abilities at work. There are the obvious rewards for this, including making more money.

Also, deep personal fulfillment and peace of mind usually result when a person knows he/she is doing their best with confidence.

Using your your own positive self talk examples to improve personal relationships is a possibility too. Not to practice mind control on others, but on yourself.

Learning the factors involved and how to practice your own mind power is the key.

Get your instant access to  Brad Yates EFT Tapping. It's like having a daily refreshment of positive self talk handouts.