Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Power of Daydreaming

Here you are again, your own life coach. Good for you! Let your dreams turn you away from failure, doubt, worries, stress, and dissatisfied emotion. Envision your dreams with the power of daydreaming. Not so much self-improvement as self-empowerment, daydreaming for a few minutes a day can bring you to a vibrant enthusiasm.

When I was a kid, daydreaming was bad. I should always have been doing something, so it seemed.

But, it wasn't my parents' fault that they didn't know about envisioning, and The Law of Attraction.

When I went to church, I heard about how you reap what you sow. Unfortunately, it was always mentioned in a negative context. If you gossiped, you reaped gossip about yourself. If you cheated people, you would be cheated. True enough, yet this same principal was not expressed in the light of positive attitudes.

One way that you can honor yourself and signal to the universe that you deserve abundance and prosperity, is to give yourself some daydreaming time.

Give yourself some fulfilling moments every day. Daydream about your desired outcomes. This is deliberate creation.

Do you feel vibrant (vibrating) enthusiasm when you daydream about what you really want to create as a better reality for you and your loved ones?

Daydreaming is a more relaxed focus than meditation, but it is productive. It creates ideas for you in an easy manner.

In trying to change or improve your life direction, set some easy goals. Just start with an intention to move toward a goal.

Action may not follow immediately, but by changing your vibration with the intention you decide on, energy will start moving.

Be aware of every success, no matter how small. If you have decided to get up a quarter hour earlier for some quiet time, and you are fulfilling that, count it as a success.

Your conscious decisions change your energy and your vibration. This is deliberate creation. Your life, your business, your power to attract abundance, (including money) has started to improve. Envision your dreams with the power of your daydreaming.

If you want some guidance, a lot is available for you. Turn on your Success Switch.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Improve Deliberate Creation With Your Own Mind Power

The Law of Attraction is working for you every second of every moment. Don't you wish it would stop when you were vibrating negative emotions? That it would just tune out when you are feeling poor and miserable?. I know you want to get the most out of your deliberate creation of a rich mind life strategy. You want ALL your active thought processes to maintain positive emotions. The good news is, you do not have to be perfect at this manifesting process.

The law of the universe is, you get what you put out. Would you believe that you do not have to do this perfectly? Would you believe that this is a good life and if the majority of your vibrational output is positive that you can attract abundance, love, peace and prosperity?

Maintaining positive emotions one hundred percent of every day is certainly not what life on this planet is all about. Even on the best days, little annoyances - at least - let's say - little annoying responses on your part, may keep interrupting your uplifted moods.

Since you now practice deliberate creation, all you need to do is get back to that productive vibration as quickly as possible.

There is much in life that you have control over. For one example, if traffic in the morning really gets to you, leave home ten minutes earlier. Then you do not have to care what happens with traffic.

Without horribly over simplifying life events, take stock of the things you have control over, and get organized, if need be, and keep most of it the way you want it.

The events created by the other six billion reality creators on the planet may collide with you in unpleasant or even tragic ways. As difficult as that can be sometimes, it is our responses that bring us bad/good emotion, not the events themselves.

Always try to get some quiet time by yourself or with a supportive loving person, to disentangle yourself from the emotions of a major event. Stay connected to your personal response, but step back from the drama.

On a day to day "normal" event arena, how or when can you find the time to remind yourself of your deliberate creation? Or your rich mind life strategy? How are your active thought processes vibrating? If you can turn your Success Switch on, it is a lot easier to retain a positive attitude.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maintaining Positive Emotions

Manifesting and creating goes on every day. You do it, always. So do six billion other people, and you're all in the same blender. How do you unleash your potential self in that? How do you turn on your Success Switch?

Unleash your potential to feel good. How do you do that? Does your inner giant remind you when you forget? Or is that left for your powerful affirmations and your belief system to duke it out?

Do you pay for success coaching or is this it - reading information on line? I happen to think there is excellent information on line on how to let go of negative emotions. How? By returning your focus to positive emotions, again and again any way you can. Use affirmations, music, alpha wave sounds, high intensity weight training (learn how properly).

There are many useful systems in place to help you maintain positive emotions.

For some it's going to church and praying. That quiet time is private and uninterrupted. For others it is walking in nature and listening to the sounds around them. And appreciating all of it.

For others it is walking down a crowded and noisy street and enjoying the stimulus and high activity. Isn't having choices wonderful? Whatever you are doing, you have made a choice. Exercise gratitude for that choice and you have an abundance of positive emotions, instantly. Dr. Christiane Norththrup says that when you feel a deep feeling of unconditional "mmmmm" with something, your heart issues forth chemicals that influence your whole body in a healing way, even your brain!

Enhance your life coaching, business coaching, whatever studies, with an idea that you are going to focus on positive emotions as much as possible. Not necessarily easy at first, but start where you are by appreciating as much as possible about where you are. Get a little "mmmmm" in that appreciation.

Also. beware of terms like self help, personal development, self improvement, achievement. Why? It's built into these concepts that there is something wrong with you. This could enforce low self esteem, shame-based self evaluation and other destructive and lonely thinking.

However, you can think of these terms in the light of a transformation. "I have been _________(negative idea) but now I am moving toward ______________." This way you can transition to some creative thinking, and if you have changed your thinking, you have manifested a miracle right there. It's all on the inside.

Think differently to start feeling happier emotions. Get help from some of the excellent coaching programs that abound on the internet. Maintaining positive emotions means the outer details do not matter. Emotion, vibration, frequency, are all part of your Success Switch. Get it turned on!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mind Reprogramming

Attracting abundance involves ways to increase your spiritual connection with - you. Reaching beyond financial security - breathing, walking, swimming, or gazing out a window are accessible ways to mind reprogramming. Spiritual rejuvenation is accelerating for you already.

So hurry up and slow down. Get a grip and let go! Isn't life just contrary and contradictory. You work the hours needed to earn more money. You don't have time to do power affirmations every day.

Keep up those earning hours, yet contemplate inner success as well. Pick your favorite spot in the place where you live, to sit and begin a plan. (Grab some paper and writing instrument, or open a document, if you are at your computer.) It does not have to be your plan. Since you can only start where you are, what is it like where you are? Right now, this minute. Do you like your spot that you picked to sit at, or would you like to change it? If so, scribble yourself a note about that.

You do not need to necessarily slow down or get quiet to calm your mind. If you can focus your attention on feelings of abundance (exhilaration, passionate appreciation and such) while cleaning out the garage to loud rock music, that is great.

In fact, the more daily tasks that you can do with a feeling of anticipating the abundance and prosperity you think you lack, the better. It is keeping that vibration of having the stuff you want (I say stuff, since everyone's list is vastly different) going that is the key to attracting what your dearly want into your life.

Spirit is always connected to you. You are it. If there is a feeling of disconnection from spiritual energy, love, peace and such qualities, what is that feeling? Depression? Anxiety? If it is at a degree that doesn't stop you from functioning, call it what you want. (If you are suffering terribly, get professional help and don't waste time). Or don't call it anything, just get to a favorite spot or favorite activity where "THIS is what life is about!" vibrates. There it is. Right there.

Get the right guidance if you want to know how to do mind reprogramming.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy to Feel Poor and Miserable - Fix It!

Through personal growth you may arrive at a self-awareness that temporarily makes you feel poor and miserable. Keep your motivation and look back at the successful goal setting that got you living consciously. Self improvement evokes reflection on things you don't want. Yet negative emotions have value. They inspire further commitment to you improving your well being.

A healthy lifestyle includes the following:

*** happy relationships
*** satisfying work
*** good food
*** restful sleep
*** regular fun
*** freedom from addictions
*** compassion for others without the "fix everybody" syndrome

Those are general qualities of life attainable by many people. Conscious living, conscious eating, and sharing your better self with others are realistic goals by which to improve your life.

However, if you are seriously into self improvement, there is a basic premise here that in and of itself can create self-sabotage. "Self-improvement" may not be the most productive viewpoint for you.

***I am not good enough. There is something about me (or many things) that need to be fixed. So is the focus necessarily self improvement, or is the improvement related to turning your attention to what you really want and deserve?

The best thing, I think, about using The Law of Attraction is that you give up the "I need fixing" part. You spend some time each day focusing and vibration with (or closer to) what it is you want, and you do not get into fixing yourself.

And the main thing is, allowing goodness to come to you. You have to vibrate with I AM GOOD ENOUGH for the good things.

You get what you put out, so you cannot be putting out that you need fixing. So there is a trap in all of this if you do not recognize it. Just know that it is there, and do your deliberate creation.

Since money is such an esteemed measure of self worth, failure to attract money can feel like - failure! If, in your subconscious thoughts you do not approve or even like yourself, vibrating with abundance is difficult. It feels fake to try.

Use the power of affirmations, meditate, daydream, and get away from feeling poor and miserable.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brad Yates Tapping Into Manifestation

Brad Yates is a leader in the community of  emotional freedom technique practioners.

Sometimes a whole lifestyle change is needed to improve your vibration. If you are feeling negative emotions a lot of the time, then you need to get into a positive attitude.

To change your life direction and to learn to feel more positive emotions, you need a plan.

Abundance and prosperity will reflect your spiritual wealth.

So why do I recommend "Money Beyond Belief" using tapping for manifestation of wealth?

It's not really about money. It's about your vibration.

How do you assess your vibration? What is your starting point, in planning to use the emotional freedom technique tapping points?

It's a given that we need to increase our positive emotions if we want more out of life. If this seems like a difficult task, let's make it easier.

Not everyone articulates their emotions, even to themselves. Yet how you feel is how you vibrate, and that is what you are going to attract, vibration-wise.

So what makes you feel better?

  • favorite music?
  • attention from your partner?
  • hearing your kids laugh?
  • putting money in the bank?
  • walking in nature?

Basically, whatever makes you feel positive emotions, or enables you to envision and feel the outcome of your goals in life, is something you want to increase thinking about.

Sometimes you feel down and are entertaining a less than positive attitude and you are not conscious of it!

You define wealth, success, and fulfillment for yourself as an individual.

Focusing attention on your dreams and then not allowing the outcome into your experience seems to be a major human weakness. You may be living with attitudes you adopted from parents or other role models. So now, you need to get with your own program. And, this may blossom for you gradually.

If you need help to get started, or to stay on a reality creation to improve your high vibration every day, get your own instant access to the Brad Yates tapping into manifestation package. 

It's your DIY positive attitude program that guide you toward your prosperity fulfillment.