Sunday, June 7, 2015

Easier To Eliminate Negative Self Talk

I was talking to a group of friends lately - both men and women, and we got onto this topic:

Problems getting over a bad relationship.

  • malignant narcissism victim (in your partner)
  • malignant narcissistic personality disorder
  • how to recover from emotional abuse
  • recovering from an emotional affair
  • denying the signs of emotional abuse in your marriage
  • can't eliminate negative self talk

...and everything related.

How do we end up there? Why didn't we know the signs of a bad relationship early on?

I think many people don't know how to recognize destructive narcissistic pattern symptoms. Why would we?

That is a huge topic. The more resources we have to recover with the better.

Professional help is best, yet many can't afford it. Support groups are a help, but they also cost.

Can you even remember any positive self talk affirmations?

This is where the Brad Yates EFT Tapping information really comes in handy. 

A person who has ignored the signs of emotional abuse in marriage - until the marriage suddenly ends, often a surprise, needs to recover emotionally, financially and socially. 

There is nothing more devastating than the realization that you have put years into a narcissistic

  • business partner
  • boss
  • marriage partner or
  • investor/group MLM group
  • religious cult

And you find they all had you at the bottom of the list (if you're on their list) for benefits of any kind.

That outcome is a real downer. I know, I've been through it. Starting again with nothing!

How to make it easier to eliminate negative self talk?

Get instant access and learn Brad Yates EFT Tapping  and recover faster!

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