Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Transformation of Your Life

The Transformation of Your Life Into A Dream Vacation - In Vibration

How do you switch on your highest vibration?

With Brad Yates EFT Tapping!

The Emotional Freedom Technique tapping routine is easy to learn. Tapping on sensitive points on your face, neck and upper body is similar to Acupressure, or Trigger Points.

It is easy to learn, and easy to use focusing on your emotional vibration on the subject of money.

Can you remember a time when you were a child and your family was preparing for a vacation? Can you recall the excitement, the feeling of expectation of the fun and adventure you were going to enjoy? Buying your airline tickets, or shopping for camping equipment - whatever your vacation was, maybe getting out the fishing poles?

The details do not really matter when you are a child. But, those little details are all exciting when you are in a vibration of anticipation. The boredom of summer vacation from school, or winter vacation days when you are stuck inside during bad weather, goes through a complete transformation as you prepare for a vacation.

When you are using The Law of Attraction to change your life direction, and change your spiritual direction, the vibration that you want to get is that of a child preparing for their vacation. What could be more exciting? You are already experiencing the fulfilment of the outcome, it is all planned and it is happening!

When in our adult lives do we even allow ourselves to feel that much? Rarely. Adult behavior usually does not approve of it, and the degree of bad feelings that occur as we grow up have to be repressed somewhat, they are just too overwhelming.

So we cut back on feeling altogether, as we take on the responsibility of work, training, and so on. Life gets serious!


  • The kind of outcome you wan, 
  • Reading about it
  • Looking at others' examples of the type of success you desire
  • Making your images more specific to you

is something you can do every day.

If you want to travel, subscribe to a travel magazine.

Match your desired transformation with something you can engage with every day.

 Put up posters at home and carry little pictures with you. Keep that excitement bubbling.

When You Feel Bad

Make a routine to return to your anticipation of your new life direction, when something undesired happens, or you witness something that feels bad. After the event has abated, return to your attraction activity for a few moments. Replace your everyday vibration with your fulfilment joy.

The reason why I encourage you to recall that childhood wonderment, is because then, you KNEW it was going to happen. Plans were made, the organization went forward, and you revelled in it. That certainty often does not accompany our adult plans for life, unless we are exceptionally confidant.

Create it new, every day, now. Use some meditation or quiet moments to clear the slate of your mental activity, and conjure it up. You are the producer, writer and director. And the whole cast.

And get support from Brad Yates EF Tapping.

The rest of your life can be like your dream vacation, in vibration. Creating your reality can be part of your daily routine, bringing a transformation to your life now, every day.

You are using The Law of Attraction every second, with every breath of your life. Focus your intention, in joy, and live YOUR life.
Click here for information will help you sustain the vibration you need to attract a match with your "dream vacation" reality.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Life A Computer?

What if Life is a computer? 

Now I'm not talking about God or religious beliefs. Because I believe we have Free Will and however we believe that is God-given, is personal for most of us.

So I reiterate again, is Life a computer?

Well let's just say for now it is.

Like, you have your own PC - Personal Computer. You do your best to keep Malware (bad programs that you may download not knowing it is written to:

  • fry your computer
  • upload all your personal data
  • install a tracking program (I don't mean cookies that amazon or Fry's leaves)
  • fry your computer - I mention it again, a worst case scenario

You program your computer to the best of your ability right? Or you buy protection software to keep your proprietary software safe.

 Garbage In Garbage Out

We all know the phrase "garbage in garbage out". How do you keep out Life's garbage? And what if you haven't for the last (fill in the blank) decade(s)?

What if you upload the programming to Life, your PC, and then Life downloads events that match what you uploaded it? 

With your thoughts?

And what if you have no memory of the types of thoughts you're uploading?

And what Does Brad Yates or EFT Tapping have to do with any of this?


You can reverse the subconscious and constant upload you're giving Your Personal Computer.

If any of this post makes sense to you I hope you'll take advantage of the ebook "MoneyBeyond Belief". It's about Life as a Computer -- as opposed to just getting more money.

Because money is just one reflection of our energy. It's darned important - it relates to our hopes, dreams, expectations and eventual results in our lives.

Click here and get  "Money Beyond Belief" and see if you can restart your computer? Your Life that is a computer.

Photo mine.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Bring Change Mind - Sound Like A Command?

Bring--change--mind. How do you do that? With EFT Tapping!

We are programmed for much of our behaviour. By

  • our parents
  • our education
  • television
  • the internet
  • music
  • movies
  • videos
  • mentors

And this can be a good thing or a bad thing. According to some experts hypnosis or brain entrainment happens to us practically moment to moment. 

We are barraged all day every day with advertising, peer pressure, and expectations from our loved ones.


Buzz words and slogans can dominate us, although that's mostly in the entertainment areas. Yet it happens in political/religious/club membership too.

Groups have mottos and slogans to identify them. Ad jingles or "ear worms" jangle around in our minds after we hear them.

So how do you command your own mind? Bring a change to your mind that you have chosen for yourself?

EFT tapping is one of the best ways to do this. 

You are in control of the words you say to yourself as you release long ago programmed ideas from your consciousness.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Healing Power Of The Mind

Healing power of the mind - what is that? I wonder what you think.

If you believe in God you probably ascribe it to Him.

If you are an atheist you ascribe it you your own personal power. Is there a difference? I don't know.

This idea could go in so many directions.

I am writing this today because of a dream. Yes a dream!

I went to sleep last night after listening to some Brad Yates EFT tapping sequences. And slept well.

Just before I woke up, I had a dream.

In this dream, a dear friend of mine, in fact my dancing partner from way back, Jacques, visited me.

He died of AIDS in January 1996. Yes, awful.

So after doing some EFT tapping with Brad Yates, I had a wonderful dream. And Jacques was in it.

It is kind of a vague memory now. Except for the end. Just before I woke up I was telling him, in the dream, "I know you've passed on, but in this dream it is so wonderful to hug you and feel your love and friendship".

And I woke up feeling connected to Spirit - you define that for yourself, please - and to Jacques, and the love of a friend.

This is just one instance of why I recommend Brad Yates EFT system. It's cheap.

Yet I cannot put a value on the visit from an old friend. A friend who loved me and supported me, unconditionally.

I do not know if EFT tapping could bring such a beautiful dream to you.

I know this EFT tapping download instruction is called "Money Beyond Belief" - and yes money always helps!

But it is about so much more than money.

It is about the Healing Power Of The Mind

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Easier To Eliminate Negative Self Talk

I was talking to a group of friends lately - both men and women, and we got onto this topic:

Problems getting over a bad relationship.

  • malignant narcissism victim (in your partner)
  • malignant narcissistic personality disorder
  • how to recover from emotional abuse
  • recovering from an emotional affair
  • denying the signs of emotional abuse in your marriage
  • can't eliminate negative self talk

...and everything related.

How do we end up there? Why didn't we know the signs of a bad relationship early on?

I think many people don't know how to recognize destructive narcissistic pattern symptoms. Why would we?

That is a huge topic. The more resources we have to recover with the better.

Professional help is best, yet many can't afford it. Support groups are a help, but they also cost.

Can you even remember any positive self talk affirmations?

This is where the Brad Yates EFT Tapping information really comes in handy. 

A person who has ignored the signs of emotional abuse in marriage - until the marriage suddenly ends, often a surprise, needs to recover emotionally, financially and socially. 

There is nothing more devastating than the realization that you have put years into a narcissistic

  • business partner
  • boss
  • marriage partner or
  • investor/group MLM group
  • religious cult

And you find they all had you at the bottom of the list (if you're on their list) for benefits of any kind.

That outcome is a real downer. I know, I've been through it. Starting again with nothing!

How to make it easier to eliminate negative self talk?

Get instant access and learn Brad Yates EFT Tapping  and recover faster!